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I've had a few emails, a couple of reminders and a rather strange message from an ex's psycho current (understandable, she's veh unattractive).

Somehow or other, I've managed to go months and months without updating this journal-ma-jig. How does that happen?

Everything's well in the Jadeysphere. I'm actually in Hawai'i at the moment, off to Maui tomorrow. I managed to find a Popeye's, so, you know... Funny thing about Popeye's is that I always think I remember it as being SO FANTASTIC but it's actually always kind of disappointing.

What else? I have a gentleman caller, his name is Alister and we're all in love and smooshy and I'll spare you the terribly embarrassing details except to say that I'm very happy. He rides motorcycles and he's teaching me to drive his land rover (Defender! ROCK!! I can't believe I've put off learning to drive all these years) and he takes me out for sushi lunch on Tuesdays and helps me with my art projects and he makes sure my tire pressure is ok and he treats me very well and he loves me. So, all good. We'll probably get married or something. Hahaha. Seriously, how much does that not sound like me at all? All of my friends are SHOCKED!

Ok, I guess that's it. I'm still alive and everything's great and I've no complaints (other than psycho girlfriends, but you get that on the big jobs. Alister says it's because I'm so awesome and pretty and a really good kisser, but he's kind of biased).

I miss you guys and as soon as I'm back in the .au, I'll be checking in on everyone and that also means replying to a long overdue email from my favourite Kistler.

Hey, and how come noone told me that Dylly VonPhilly is in South Korea for the year? He's trying to work out an exotic Sydney vacation, if anyone else wants to join us. Something tells me that there will be late night Killer Klowns and White Russian sessions aplenty.


dudes, I'm totally in love and stuff. HAHAHAHA!!!

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Somewhere in the region of 1200 people died as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

40000 (yes, that says fourty thousand) people died, with more bodies being recovered, in an earthquake in Pakistan this week and there was not one word about it on my friends page.


Where's the Etsy store? Where are the people offering % of sales to victims? If it's not in our own country or somewhere that we like to holiday it's not worth mentioning or helping?